Confusion for Constitution Assembly Election,November,2013

Dear readers,
I am a youth from Sunakothi, Lalitpur, Election Region number 3 Nepal. Like me, most of the youth at the moment are confused whom to vote? Everybody wants, his/her vote won’t go in vain. I don’t belong to any party. Like Bijay Kumar said today, we need constitution and really it doesn’t matter which party will be the leading one after election.
In one Interview with Avenues TV, UCPN Leader Prachanda spoke:-” As we were the leading party during revolution, people must support us just as people support Congress in India during its independence.” But my confusion is the party itself is in two factions, one against and one support election. Now whom to vote?
Likewise, the top Leader of Congress for Eg. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai during later stage of life quit the party saying that “Now the Congress party is only so called Congress but have lost its main theory.” Though it possess some prominent leaders like Gagan Thapa. So, Should I vote for Congress?
Again, UML show some remarkable change during its 9 month government which was lead by Manmohan Adhikari. But right now, I don’t see any powerful leaders like him. But anyways, Should I vote UML ?
Moreover, Probable Future prime minister of India or Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi shared his view that he will support Kamal Thapa, Leader of RPP. Also, it hasn’t got any chance to lead the government after recent revolution till date. So should I vote RPP?
Even right now I m being impressed by Bibeksil Nepali Group but there is no candidate in my region. So, there is no way of voting them.
Obviously, I don’t know much about politics but I am really expecting some logical reasons to vote. Will you help me ?


About HappyRaj

Program Manager at one of the reputed institution of Kathmandu valley Nepal and President at Newly established NGO. Finished Master in Microbiology from reputed Pune University,India. Like to study comparative religion.
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One Response to Confusion for Constitution Assembly Election,November,2013

  1. Raam Thapa says:

    yeah, am also feeling the same here! confused……

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